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Ayn Rand As Rabbit
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Friday, September 28th, 2007
7:01 pm
She's a Wrascallwy Rabbit!

Yeah..I know the image is horrible..I just messed around with the paint application..but LOOK! It's the Rand Rabbit!
Saturday, October 1st, 2005
4:13 pm
What I'd Do If I Was God
(This doesn't really pertain to Ayn Rand being a rabbit, but I figured it was sorta in the spirit of this community)

1) Bring Ayn Rand back from the dead
2) Feed her lots and lots of strawberry ice cream
3) Make her fall in love with John Zerzan
4) Have 'em marry
5) Stick them both in a giant bucket of broccoli, in which they'd make love
6) Have Rand wake up next to this guy she doesn't know
7) Have the guy introduce himself as John Galt
--RAND: Who the hell are you?
--GALT: I am John Galt.
--RAND: Who is John Galt?!
8) Make Ayn Rand thirty feet tall
9) End oppression and such
10) ...among other things.

It'd be sorta like what I do when playing the Sims, only I'd have a lot more power.
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
4:55 pm
"We further believe that for this reason, the corpse in question ought be dumped headfirst in a fifty-foot tall bucket of broccoli while reading Immanuel Kant and making love to John Zerzan"

What a cruel fate.
I'm totally in.
4:42 pm
Ayn Rand is a rabbit.
Although I'm really preaching to the choir here, here are a couple reasons I believe Ayn Rand to have been a rabbit:

--She was as cute as one.
--Have you ever seen a picture of her?
--Her last name began with an "R."
--Her old last name began with an "R."
--She has imploring eyes.
--Howard Roark's last name begins with an "R."

Trust me, there are way more, and the ones I haven't listed are the most substantial of the lot.
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